Industries RMR

Built for Your Industry.

Wholesale Distribution

Coordination of assets such as trucks, trailers, and equipment.

Local Authority

Diverse departmental needs where vehicle, equipment,  and property needs to be maintained and managed. Internal rentals between cost centers supported, and professionally configured.

Facilities Management

Direct requirement to maintain, manage and rent property.

Plant & Equipment Rental

Direct requirement to maintain, manage, and rent Plant and Equipment.

Energy / Utility

Pipeline servicing, Platform management, Wind farms, Telecom equipment.

Manufacturing / Processing

Maintaining production equipment. Infrastructure assets.


Vehicle and service management.  Automotive subscriptions. Vehicle lease and rentals.

Medical Equipment

Clinical engineering management.

Fleet Management

Cars, Vans, Trucks, Trailers and specialist vehicles.

Heavy Equipment / Construction

Earth works, Heavy equipment and Construction equipment.


Infrastructure, and general farm machinery.


Forestry equipment and infrastructure management.

Power sports

Fleet management, servicing and renting.

Cranes and Material handling

Maintaining equipment designed to move, store or control goods and products.

Rail stock

Facilities management, rolling stock management, and general equipment management.

Public Transport

Fleet, buildings and other infrastructure assets management.

Quarrying / Mining

Asset intensive operations and safety inspections.


Boats, Lifting equipment, Fishing, infrastructure management.


Private fleet and lease management.

General Asset Management

Other general Asset management.

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