Serviceable Management RMR

Management of Servicing Needs

Covering the management of servicing strategies from ad-hoc, through reactive, preventative, and predictive while also covering some other more specialised sub-strategies such as reliability centered, safety centered and other enterprise level requirements.

Multiple Asset Types

Everything from Buildings, through Vehicles, Equipment, Plant, and other Asset Type can co-exist in a single entity. Each asset type drives its own tailored and definable business process.

Management flexibility

Control your serviceable assets: As simple as you want it, as complex as you need it. Put the serviceable at the center. Fully integrated to Project Accounting.


Simple or compound Serviceables

Your serviceables can be anything from independent ones to more complex hierarchical structures or just related through common attributes.

Suitability matrix

A flexible set of conditions that map operations (and other key elements) directly to serviceables or serviceable families; doing away with the more traditional category structures of legacy solutions.


Full support for ad-hoc and built in sensors and sensor readings.  API (Application programming interface) also available.

Flexible charging

Charges can be managed, split and tracked across multiple parties: owner, internal, warranty, insurance, others.

Maintenance schedules

Schedules can target Operational and Warranty based maintenance.  They can also target compliance such as Legislative safety or OEM safety campaigns.

Time and Resources

Easily register and track time and resources used in Work orders.

Interested in Learning More?

We have tried to call out some of the features and functions that we hope will resonate with you. If you have any further queries regarding the functionality of our products please contact us for a consultation or demonstration.