Rentable Management RMR

Management of Rental Needs

Whether renting is your core business or you want to use it to manage internal cost transfer accounting, or it’s to provide a loaner service while you service an asset–Rentable Management is for you.

Fully integrated

Rentables are our special Serviceable and fully integrated with our Serviceable Management module and to Project Accounting

Subscription service ready

Rental contracts are subscription service capable. Manage and track the lease or rental of varying rentables over time to your renters.


Rental contract groups

Create contract templates that match your business and ensure a high level of accuracy when creating contracts.

Rental contracts

Short term / Long term.  Rent and Lease.  Full Service, partial service SLA based contracts, Multiple insurance requirements as standard.

Flexible fees

Flexible fee handling: before, during and after the order is in place.

Rental utilization

Operational and Fiscal oversight.

Rental kits

Group Rentables, operations, fees, and operators together for fast rental order creation.

Process Flow

Highly customizable process flow to allow granular control of every stage of the rental order process.

Interested in Learning More?

We have tried to call out some of the features and functions that we hope will resonate with you. If you have any further queries regarding the functionality of our products please contact us for a consultation or demonstration.