Health and Safety RMR

Management of Health and Safety Needs

Manage the identification and control of your risks, incidents (near misses / dangerous occurences) and accidents.


Aids legal compliance and ensures due diligence and a traceable duty of care.


Supports the creation of an ‘as needed’ hierarchical structure for event types, causes and solutions.



Event logging with full audit trail of all changes and mandated sign-off procedures.

Escalation / Delegation

Can leverage Case Management to provide deeper planning, tracking and analysis of case resolution.

Links and tracking

Health and safety events can be linked to serviceables, rentables, work orders, job, rental orders and can optionally constrain further user interaction with those linked items, until the Health and safety event is cleared.

Emergency Stop button

Instant stop of all interactions on a Serviceable / Rentable.  Use can only be resumed by a suitably signed off Health and Safety inspection.

Interested in Learning More?

We have tried to call out some of the features and functions that we hope will resonate with you. If you have any further queries regarding the functionality of our products please contact us for a consultation or demonstration.